The Num-Num 5 day Trail


First there was the Otter then the Fish and the Whale, and now to join this illustrious group of 5-day hikes is the Num-Num trail, the first 5-day trail on private land in South Africa.
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The Num-Num Trail is a new circular hiking trail in the beautiful Skurweberg in Mpumalanga between Machadodorp and Badplaas, that takes you through a wide variety of different terrains from forest to grasslands.


Two estates Bermanzi and Five Assegais have collaborated to establish this trail which opened on April Fools day 2010 and already we have had hikers marvel at this new addition to the hiking calendar.

Positioned as it is, on the very lip of the mighty African Escarpment, the Num-num trail takes you through some of the most spectacular countryside that Africa has to offer. This trail has been expertly constructed by Albert Bossert and clearly marked to easily and safely guide you past views stretching down the mighty Komati valley all the way to Swaziland.

From the escarpment, streams in profusion tumble down to the Indian Ocean to form so many waterfalls that we believe that there are at least a 1000 falls on the trail. (They have yet to be actually counted)

The trail commences at the Historic 1934 SAR ‘Pongola Carriages’; these wonderfully preserved old carriages immediately take one back to a more tranquil age.

Hikers will find the Pongola express & it’s secure parking right on the main road.

The Pongola carriages offer a fully equipped camp and kitchen with mattresses on top of the carriage sleeper beds for comfort.

An important aspect of this hike is our ‘magic carpet’ shuttle service for ‘slack packing’ where we transport your food, drinks and baggage to each camp. We recommend that ALL hikers take up this option unless they are very fit and strong. The slackpacking makes this a much much more enjoyable and safe experience.

Each trail is named after one of the trees to be found on the hike. There have been 109 different tree species identified along the path by dendrologist Dyke Zeeman!

This trail will rival all trails now available, already the reviews by the first hikers have been great. We are determined to make this a very popular and enjoyable trail that though challenging (participants must be fit) will allow all to have an experience of a lifetime.


The first day’s trail ‘Die Bergbas Roete’ is a 5.98km route that skirts the edge of the Skurwerand to the ‘God’s Window’ camp that rivals the original. Tucked into the sculptured rocks that are so typical of the Skurweberg, this charming electrified camp with outdoor rock showers (and more discreet ones for ladies) ‘loos with a view’ and comfortable bunk beds make this a welcome rest after the first day’s walk.


Day two ‘The Bladder Nut Track’ the longest day’s walk AT 8.69km and takes one down the Hells Kloof pass into pristine forest glades, over the summit of the Skurwerand and through the amazing stones and yellow wood and aloe gardens of this unique environment, into the Bankspruit past Howard’s falls, over a swing bridge to Bermanzi Camp with charming thatched cottages and the Stalle perched on the cliff’s edge to give commanding views over the Komati river.


Day three ‘The Milk Plum Path’ is an easy 5.78km walk to reward one for the effort of day two and meanders along the Bankspruit over bridges and past many many pools and falls. This is the day to take it easy and enjoy some of the most wonderful spots to relax and take pleasure in an environment that is pristine and perfect before climbing from the base of the second highest waterfall in Mpumalanga to the ‘Candlewood Camp’

This brand new camp is built as an old style mining village with the waterfall as a backdrop. The camp is not electrified but is equipped with an old donkey wood stove to make hot water!


Day four is a 6.82km adventure down into the Schoonspruit valley. ‘The Pom-pon Way’ goes through the mystical ‘Cathedral Cave’ and secret valleys that have not seen visitors for years. Descending the hillside the path winds through to the Pongola again.


The last day’s walk ‘Die Koko Boom Pad’ is a cool 6.82km stroll along the Schoenspruit with cascades and falls that delight and entrance, culminating in the wonderful Mac Falls that thunders in its hidden gorge.
The trail ends again at the Pongola Express where hikers can shower and change before their departure.


The Num-Num Trail owners accept NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY:
-For any death, injury or illness sustained or suffered by any person.
-For theft/loss/damage to any property.
-For clothing or any item left behind at our facilities.

►A new 5-day hiking trail on private land in the Skurweberg, Mpumalanga.
►A minimum of 3 and maximum of 20 hikers per overnight facility.
►The cost is R690-00 per hiker (only until December 2010).
►The shuttle service is R300-00 per crate for the 5 days.
►The full amount for the whole group is payable within 48 hours after the booking.
►Only one payment from the group leader will be accepted.
►The booking is not valid until fully paid and deposit slip faxed or emailed through.
►No children under the age of 12 years will be allowed.
►It is compulsory to complete the INDEMNITY form at the “Pongola Express”.
►Arrival time at “Pongola Express” not earlier than 15h00.
►Departure time at each overnight facility is 08h00.
►EMERGENGY numbers 072 889 9284 or 079 877 6909.
►All the water on the trail and at the facilities is safe to drink.
►It is possible to experience ALL weather conditions on one day – be prepared!!!
►Hikers should be reasonably fit.
►Cell phone reception on the trail is sporadic.
►It is your responsibility to look after your own goods. Leave valuables at home.
►If you lost something, you must contact us to arrange to get it back. We can not
phone everyone to find out who the owner of the goods are.
►Feel free to make recommendations (in our guest book or via email) and inform us of
what you have enjoyed or disliked on the trail. This information helps us to improve.
►A regular hiker should know what to bring along. The following are a MUST!!!
Water bottle, sunscreen, hat, good hiking boots, raincoat, torch, first aid kit, insect repellent, sleeping bag and pillow, towel, food and drinks for 5 days.
►Extras such as a camera, binoculars………
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